Remote Control Tree Feller Services

The Remote Control Tree Feller is available to rent by the day with a two day minimum, or by the month. This comes with an operator. To rent the remote control tree feller, please call 610-847-2336 or 215-294-7823.

Other Services Available

  • Transmission Vegetation Management
  • Utility Line Clearance
  • Right of Way Mowing
  • Utility Transmission
  • Utility Distribution
  • Right of Way Clearance
  • Transmission Site Construction
  • Substation Maintenance
  • Herbicide Application
  • Tree Growth Regulator Application
  • Contract Personnel Consulting
  • Pipeline Right Of Way Maintenance
  • Billboard Vegetation Maintenance
  • Storm Emergency Response
  • All Phases of Tree Care for Municipal Agencies
  • Railroad and Hi-Rail Capabilities

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